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My holistic, one of a kind 7-week intensive course for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners & Ambitious Professionals who want to take their success to the next level by transforming their body & mind, maximizing their mental & physical power & accelerating their performance.

1-on-1 Sessions both in Person or Online

Success & Empowerment Coaching

I am referring to success in virtually anything in life. To get to your desired destination from where you are, you need guidance & a tailored-for-you, step-by-step gameplan. TALK TO US to find out if we can help YOU with your specific needs.

Personal Training Packages

Depending on your desired outcome & the results of our analysis, together with my experienced, European Certified Fitness Coach Claes, we will create a personalized workout plan to serve YOU & the specific needs of your body.

Yoga, Meditation & Breathing

During my stay in Ashram, I learned practical yoga, meditation & breathing techniques that are easily integrable in our daily busy lives with remarkable effects not only on our physical but more so on our mental & psychological health & wellbeing.

My Special Fat Loss Program

Unfortunately, weight loss does not always mean fat loss! Through my special & unique methods & together with my experienced, European Certified Fitness Coach Claes, we will help YOU lose fat in a healthy & practical way without losing too much muscle mass.

Hypertrophy (Muscle Gain)

An extremely popular & desirable outcome, especially among male athletes. Together with my Hypertrophy Specialist from Europe, Claes, we will show you how to gain lean muscle mass through a healthy but practical diet, supplement & workout plans that will be specialized for you & your body type.

European Certified Fitness Coach

Nutrition, Meal Plans/ Preps & Supplements

Among my colleagues, I am well-known for my anti-diet attitude! When it comes to the average, healthy population & unless someone is diabetic, obese, has food allergies or other health conditions where they need their physican’s approval, I do not believe in good or bad foods. Cravings are not to be damned & a little sugar is not evil. I love life & I want to enjoy it. For me, eating a piece of cake or a juicy cheeseburger is a part of it. I’d love to say, it is only about moderation…but in this case.. It actually isn’t. It is much more about right portions as well as proportions, correct timing, right combination, right frequency, accurate supplement & water consumption & last but not least, your genetic disposition! If you genetically have a slow metabolism & aren’t aware of it, you might be wondering why you eat the same food as your BFF but gain fat more quickly. That’s why we have our special DNA HEALTH CHECK in order to find out about your genetic dispositions & take the right actions as well as preventative measures in early stages.

Water Fasting, Intermittent Fasting & Time Restricted Eating

With no real awareness, I have been doing time restricted eating (drinking only water 16 hours a day) since I was a kid. I hated breakfast & always threw my sandwich away secretly. Until this day, I never eat breakfast but I eat almost anything I want for dinner, including dessert!

Furthermore, & ever since I noticed the spectacular health results of fasting, I have been doing 24 as well as 48 hours fasting on a regular basis (1 x week) & having my clients do that too. If you have any health issues, concerns or haven’t done fasting before, please contact your physician.

Rejuvenation & Longevity

I am 48 but I always felt that both my mind & body are way younger than my actual age. My DNA Health Check confirmed it.

I have been observing the behaviour, lifestyle & eating habits of myself & those of my clients for decades. I strongly believe that we can slow down aging with the right actions. In many aspects I personally have been aging in reverse! I am capable of accomplishing physical & mental tasks that have been impossible while I was in my twenties!

Image Consulting

Since childhood, I was obsessed with fashion, beauty & style. I always advised my mother & my cousins what to wear, cut & styled their hair & put makeup on them. I figured it is one of my many natural talents & I am good at it. I started working in the Fashion Industry part-time. For over a decade, I worked as a Fashion & Runway Model for a Parisienne Designer. Later on, I worked as a Personal Stylist & Image Consultant. I even worked for some luxury fashion labels such as Louis Vuitton Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills as a Fashion Advisor.

I can help you revamp your look, style & image. I could also provide you with shopping assistance & wardrobe rearrangement services.

DNA Health Check

In collaboration with a global health company, we finalize your DNA profile to track your health & immune system & create personalized workout, meal & supplement plans. We will be able to provide you with the following information:

Your biological vs. your chronological age; your health in relation to your age.

Your risk of exposure to certain diseases & early prevention.

Which foods are good for you, which are neutral & which you should rather avoid.

Which supplement you really need & which you don’t need to spend a dime on it.

How your body metabolizes what you eat & which foods it primarily turns into fat due to your genetic predisposition.

Stress management, sleep improvement, injury risk, recovery & many more.

Regular price $250. However, it is included in some of my packages!