Born & raised as an only child in a dysfunctional family in Tehran, my childhood was a series of consecutive horror events: the 1979 Revolution causing my father to lose his job & income, my parents’ hostile divorce, me being stuck with an angry mother, struggling for survival in the male-dominated Iranian society, 8 years of war including food, agricultural & energy sanctions, losing neighbors & friends in bombing attacks & having to leave everything behind & move to a safe place in order to survive.

A life where homeworks was done in candlelight & taking a shower limited to certain days. Milk was a luxury, banana black market, listening to music forbidden & talking to boys a crime.

This was followed by an even more destructive youth. I was constantly humiliated & kicked out of high school/ university due to non-compliance with extreme religious rules, even though I was the best in class with the highest grades, year after year!

The results? Depression, alcohol, substance abuse & participating in underground events as the only escape from reality; all strictly forbidden by law, having to undergo severe consequences such as imprisonment, education ban, flogging, public humiliation & more.

But just like in fairy tales, I managed to fight my way out of misery. Not through magic however, but with faith, courage & determination.

I finished High School & University. I relocated to Germany, learned the language & studied further.

Being a foreigner & having to compete with Germans, known worldwide for their efficiency & ambition, couldn’t stop me from dreaming big. I worked my way up the career ladder & became a successful exec, working in prestigious companies all over the world.

In my latest position as Global Head of HR & as the only female member of the Executive Team, I was responsible for 800 employees, managing multiple teams in the UK, Germany, Japan, China, Russia, South Africa, Dubai, Brazil, Argentina & USA.

I have lived in 7 different countries & traveled to 50. I speak English, German & Persian fluently.

I studied Psychology/ Business Psychology due to my passion for human behavior. Early on however, I figured that mind & body are deeply connected & in order to achieve sustainable health & success, they must both be understood & stimulated parallelly. Hence, I decided to study Personal Training, Yoga & Nutrition.

I was suffering from depression for years but I was a warrior & didn’t give up until I found my true purpose. After proving myself over 20 years in companies all around the globe, I decided to leave the corporate life  & start helping individuals.


My clients graduate with an unshakeable mindset, bulletproof health & a step-by-step game plan to a fulfilled life.

I want to help others free themselves from fear, pain, suppression & social as well as family limitations. I want them to ditch the misconception that a destructive childhood/ past will indefinitely ruin their future. I show them how to awaken their true power & strive for a meaningful life. A life that serves THEM, their needs & their desires.

Pischy attended her first Ms Health & Fitness USA Contest in 2020, at the age of 48. Competing against 31 professional, younger athletes, some already Miss Bikini title holders, she ranked 4th in the semifinals. Pischy is planning to get on the stage for Miss Bikini in 2022 for the category 50 plus.


Problem solving & helping people thrive is & has always been my passion in life, that’s why I chose to work in consulting. I believe that our true purpose in life is to SERVE ourselves & others with love, care and support. For me, success is helping people break free from anything that is holding them back from living their dreams. I truly love & believe in what I do.

Furthermore, I moved from a miserable life to a fantastic one. Now I want to give back, by sharing the secrets to my success with those who need it & are not yet there where I am today.

I leave no stone unturned for the service of my clients as I truly feel it is my obligation to serve to the full extent of my potential. I strongly believe our purpose in life is to make ourselves & others happy.

I have found something that I never believed I would – deep, internal happiness that does NOT depend on outside circumstances. I am beyond blessed & that is why I am so passionate to share my message and tell everyone that no matter where you are standing today, it is never too late to start a new journey & create your own new path.

It all starts with believing in yourself. Sometimes you have to radically push yourself to do something different. If you want to go after your dreams, you have to dare more, act more & risk more. In the process we grow & we help others grow as well. Otherwise, we’re going to stay stuck in our comfort zone.



Hollywood Celebrity Permanent Make-Up Expert, Owner of Mehrin GLAM

“Pischy has been a constant caring and motivating figure in my life since the beginning of COVID-19. It has only been a few months but the results with her are amazing. She is a detail oriented and patient person, who gained my trust and respect very quickly.

The deep understanding and consideration of the differences in everyone’s bodies that Pischy has, inspires others to learn how to better care for themselves under her guidance.

You are never alone in your journey as she is always there to maintain your spark to move forward. Being an active listener at all times, you know that Pischy pays attention to anything you say, while maintaining her infectious positive attitude.

If you need help starting a personal journey of health and wellness, then you need Pischy to help keep your flame lit with her empowering advice and positive attitude.

Thank you Pischy!”


Managing Director, Head of Primary Markets Global Bank

“Throughout various stages of my life, I have enjoyed the tremendous privilege to reflect with Pischy on my professional and personal matters.

The obvious things first: Pischy has an excellent education and all the professional ingredients for getting people results! And she is sharp, very intuitive and fun to work with.

Exchanging with Pischy was never comfortable but always challenging the odds. Never straightforward but always thought-provoking. Never trivial but always relevant to the very situation I was facing at the time. In that, she was the perfect partner in crime to tackle my issues. She gets the big picture right as much as she is paying an incredible attention to small details. But what I appreciated most is the ability to speak to her in full trust so as to unleash the full potential of our cooperation.

I am incredibly thankful for knowing Pischy and for how she has helped me over the years. Looking back to what I achieved as finance MD, deep down I know this would not have been possible without her help in the last 12 years.”


Yoga Instructor

“My goal was to gain muscle, so that I could perform certain yoga poses. The process and training was great, and every session felt different with measurable progress. After the initial phase, I soon started to break my own personal records every single week. I became stronger & more muscular than I have ever been in my life! It was challenging for me as we progressed with more weight, reps & controlled movements, especially because many exercises were new to me.

It worked so well to have Coach Claes on camera to introduce the new exercises & correct me as I performed them. Claes is a fantastic coach & I learned so much & developed some solid routines. I didn’t miss a single session in all of the weeks because I knew what I wanted and Coach Claes kept inspiring me & motivating me to always do my very best. He taught me how to calculate my macronutrients & also to be mindful of micronutrients, vitamins & minerals. We did the DNA-Test and planned my training & diet accordingly.

He always gave me great explanations as to how the exercises & nutrition worked. I now see a lot of progression in both strength & muscle size & that gives me a real sense of accomplishment & achievement, to do yoga poses that I never could before. I am now stronger & more confident, both professionally & personally. I really didn’t know that with such good & targeted training, I could achieve such great improvement in such a short time.

The best part is that I now understand my own body & I can always go back to use the programs & instructions over & over again to re-condition myself. I will definitely book Coach Claes again when I need to take my strength  & muscle building to next level with even more new exercises & methods.”


CEO & Former HR VP of Global Exhibition Company

“Pischy worked for me over 8 years in various locations of our company. Due to her excellent knowledge and intercultural competence, she got promoted several times during her service.

Pischy was extremely proactive. She always acted systematically, with an entrepreneurial mindset. I would like to highlight her quick mind, her logical thinking & her ability to understand and accomplish even most complex tasks. Her performance exceeded permanently our expectations & the results she got were beyond our highest satisfaction at all times.

Due to her trustworthiness and vast expertise, Pischy was extremely popular in the corporate group as well as among external business partners. She was especially admired in our subsidiaries overseas, not only due to her high service orientation but also her sensitivity, openness & her respectful attitude towards foreign cultures and customs.”


Technology Entrepreneur

“I have had the pleasure of working with Pischy on my fitness and wellness goals since August 2020 and would thoroughly recommend her as a Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer. We started right after the first lockdown, yet in the middle of the pandemic & she handled everything professionally & with extreme care.

Even as I was a fairly accomplished athlete when I was younger, when I started working with Pischy, I was quite out of shape. I appreciate how she met me exactly where I was and worked with me patiently while introducing a combination of agility, strength and cardio that always felt like a comfortable stretch, but also with a focus on injury prevention and not pushing too hard too soon.

Yes I have lost weight but much more importantly, I am much more flexible and feel stronger in an overall balanced way, especially my core.

Pischy seems to have an unlimited catalog of different exercises to introduce in order to keep things interesting, at time blending disciplines such as yoga, pilates, HIIT and other.

Getting to your better self is an amazing experience. It is never easy with Pischy but it is incredibly rewarding. I’m looking forward to continuously progressing in our future sessions.”


Executive Director at Leading Global Biotech Company

“I’ve been following nutritional advice and training with Pischy since August 2020. First things first: When I met Pischy, I was an exhausted person, wearing knee braces and barely able to do a single push-up.

I am now a strong and healthy woman able to move like I did decades ago!

Pischy regularly introduces new types of exercises. She has been coaching me to continuously transition to more strenuous workouts. Every time she teaches a new exercise, I am pleasantly surprised that I can actually do it! She always knows when I am ready to be taken to the next level.

Exercising in a correct fashion as well as injury prevention is extremely important for Pischy. She knows when it’s time to push and when it’s time to rest.

Also, it quickly becomes obvious that she doesn’t have a “one size fits all” way of working but her entire program is being built around YOU as an individual. Hence, I am excited about continuing my journey with Pischy.

Pischy’s holistic approach has driven home the fact that age is just a number – and what matters is how we feel in our mind, body and soul!”


Managing Director Gaming & Integrated Resorts Consulting Company

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Pischy for 28 years, as she has adapted to vastly different environments and cultures across three continents; from modern Frankfurt and London, to exotic Hong Kong & Dubai, and now California.

She has journeyed from one destination to the next, as a single woman, often not knowing anybody, or only a few distant people at her new locations. These life experiences have been a reflection of her brave and adventurous nature, and have sharpened her intuitive and interpersonal skills.

In addition to her education & know-how, overcoming the many obstacles through her journeys have provided her with the necessary inner confidence to want to help others overcome their own challenges. Her unique perspective, warm personality and exceptional motivational skills are what sets her apart from other well-intentioned mentors.“


Assistant to CEO of Global Software Company

“I met Pischy 21 years ago when she was working at MCI in the Training & Development department in Germany. I will never forget the words of our CEO’s Secretary: “May I introduce you to a very special person”? And she was so right! Pischy is very caring & compassionate. When you talk to her, she is fully present and listens wholeheartedly. She has this special capability of telling you the unpleasant truth without hurting you. Again and again I am very impressed by her intelligence, her quick mind and problem solving skills. She is earnest and can convince anyone to finally do the things that are good for them. Her ability to adapt herself to new environments and her fearless personality enabled her to have all these quick career jumps as well as wonderful life experiences. Amazingly enough, she is able to project the same skills on her clients in order to encourage them to strive for a better life.

If you genuinely want to improve your life, you need someone who pushes you to face the truth and empowers you to work on yourself. And that’s Pischy’s specialty. I am lucky to have a mentor + friend like her. Thank you Pischy!”


Regional Director International Railways Company

“Since 2005, I have been enjoying Pischy’s insights & know-how in all my professional as well as personal matters. One thing is for sure, if you are not intending to grow, Pischy won’t spend time with you. She is a daredevil & her courage is contagious! One day you wake up & realize, you have done all the things you were so scared of. That you are actually living your long-due dreams, having Pischy constantly forcing you out of your comfort zone!

However, you never feel alone throughout the journey. She supports you & is with you all along the way. It is not easy, but priceless! Looking back at my accomplishments, going from a simple Engineer to Regional Director, intercontinental relocation, huge career as well as financial jumps & leaving fruitless relationships behind, I could never wish for any other mentor + friend than Pischy herself.”


Customer Support Manager Global Telecommunication Company

“Regardless of what challenges you have, private or business related, Pischy has the ability to see beyond the standard phrases in a standard conversation. As such, she rapidly gets a good feeling of the real topic you want to discuss with her.

Therefore it is absolutely precious to have Pischy as a sparring partner, as you do not only get advice from her about how to handle the situation you are stuck with, she is also asking the right questions, which makes you think in new perspectives that you were not able to see before.

She is a great listener with a positive attitude to whatever you are sharing with her.

I can definitely recommend her anytime!”


Celebrity Photographer & Artist

“Pischy is amazing! Not only is she a brilliant Personal Trainer, but also a fantastic Yoga Teacher and a unique Nutrition Coach with an extraordinary approach to eating & eating habits. I’m glad I decided for the full package after I noticed how strong she is, what an amazing body she has and how much of a passionate food lover she is!

Prior to our coaching sessions, Pischy suggested I do a genetic Health Test to get a better idea about what’s happening in my body. She explained the results in a detailed & understandable manner, which was pretty amazing. The level of accuracy was in fact higher than I had imagined. Based on that, she made some additional, very useful recommendations regarding my lifestyle, sleep & stress patterns, bone strength, nutritional deficiencies & much more.

If you want a one of a kind experience, world class Personal Training, authentic Yoga and amazing new things about nutritious but delicious food as well as effective supplementation, and still want to enjoy the process, Pischy is the Mentor you need!”


Facility Manager Real Estate Investment Company

“I gain so much clarity when talking to Pischy that it often feels like she understands my situation better than I do. Pischy can see through people instantly.

It is amazing how much clarity one gains after speaking with Pischy. It feels like she opens some doors for you that were invisible before. Also she can gain your trust in a heartbeat. You deliberately share everything with Pischy, things you have never shared with anyone before.

Also in the corporate world, she was known for her problem solving skills and her ability to get results, no matter what part of the globe she was in. Tell her about yourself and let her guide you to your desired outcome. It is not going to be an easy path but true success never comes easy.”


Vice President Guest Events Global Exhibition Company

“I met Pischy 17 years ago as my new boss & mentor. Back then, I was going through a tough phase in my professional life. Pischy immediately recognized my strengths, talents & weaknesses. She was genuinely interested in my development & challenged me to be more open minded. She showed me that if I wanted to change my career plans & be successful, I would have to change myself, my thoughts & maybe even my life.

Her positive attitude & continuous support brought out the best in me. She never let me down and supported me until I achieved my desired goals. I’m grateful we managed to stay in touch considering Pischy’s constant relocations. And yet it is intriguing to observe how she can – even in a brief conversation from afar – awaken the unstoppable in you.”


Chef de Cuisine, Former Client Relationship Manager Global Bank

“When I met Pischy in 2002, she was in fact my boss. I was a trainee at the world’s largest Trade Show Organization in Frankfurt, Germany and Pischy was in charge of the company’s Training & Development.

My first impression of her was that she genuinely enjoyed meeting me and her other trainees as her new protégés. She was not only interested in my professional past but also in the person and the potential in front of her.

We have many things in common. Foremost the hunger for adventure and learning new things but also a passion for good food.

Looking back on our time together, I realize that she not only helped me develop professionally, but also personally. She inspired me to stick to my guns no matter what, follow my dreams, be loyal and work hard for my goals.

Pischy believes in honesty, integrity and loyalty. She is genuine, extremely open minded with a kind heart and fun to spend time with. This package makes her a great teacher, supporter, coach and above all my friend.”