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    Mind + Body Transformer

    Meet Pischy

    As a former Global Corporate Executive with degrees in Psychology, Personal Training, Yoga & Nutrition, I help CEOs, Business Owners & busy Professionals maximize SUSTAINABLE Success, Health & Fulfillment, both in business & personal life.

    Pischy was featured in Forbes in March 2021 speaking about the Golden Rule in Fear Management: “Daring vs. Sharing”.

    Speaking Engagements

    Pischy has decades of Consulting experience in Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Dubai, London, San Fransisco, Los Angeles & more.

    Growing up under the oppressive regime in post-revolution Tehran, visiting over 50 countries, becoming a successful Global Exec & now Business Owner – Pischy loves to share her stimulating insights.

    My Courses

    Transform yourself with Pischy & her team to become the most powerful version of yourself. Build the mindset & skills you need in order to get to your desired destination.

    "What differentiates an extraordinary coach from the rest is the motivation behind their actions & how much they actually care about their clients" - Pischy Izady

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    Why Us

    There are many excellent mentors. Your job is to find the one that can get you results. But that is not enough! They must be compatible with YOU, your personality, values & specific needs.

    At DARE2LiVE, we offer you a holistic, tailored service. By combining both mental & physical exercises with proven & practical methods, we will guide you to your desired destination.

    Unique expertise & extensive knowledge of both mind & body.

    Global experience due to multiple international relocations & working in various cultural environments.

    Success in both corporate & entrepreneurial life.

    Extraordinary service with highest customer satisfaction.


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